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Health Coaching for Lifestyle Diseases and Cancer

Since my own health story with cancer, I felt that there was a gap between the medical practice and the patient who wants to know what they can do in order to promote their health and focus on prevention.
My practice is here in order to fill in this gap.
When the doctor says “You are good now, we did what we could do to help you, go live your life and just come to me for some check ups every once in a while”.
I say “This is the point until which the medical system could help you, now it is time to take your health into your own hands".
"Because the condition of your health depends on your daily habits. Let’s focus on your nutrition, your physical movement and the habits that create your lifestyle. Are you in for an extremely interesting ride?”.
This is my whole practice in a few words.
It is definitely not easy, but it is worth all the money and the time in the world.
I am here for you.
Since May 2019 I have been supporting and guiding individuals through nutrition and lifestyle changes in order to improve their health, promote longevity and prevent disease.

How can I help you?

My Coaching Programs offer guidance and support so that each individual can find their way back to balance and health.
One of our main goals when we first start working together is to stop the progression of any dis-ease and create better quality in everyday life.
Then we work on slowly but steadily reversing the symptoms and the conditions which occur naturally once the eating habits, the physical movement and the lifestyle adjustments are in place.
The body has the ability to self-heal! Therapeutic Nutrition and Yoga can be two amazing allies in this journey!
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