Health coach Katerina Detksa sitting in an armchair and looking into the camera

Health Coach for Cancer & Lifestyle Diseases since 2019

Health is the most
precious thing in life
and it is in our own hands!

hi there! I'm


A colon cancer survivor who has made it her mission to help people live in optimal health until they reach the age of 100+, even if they have been diagnosed or treated for cancer or any other lifestyle disease earlier in life.
I am here in order to spread the message of holistic health and natural healing.
Teach people how to take their health into their own hands and use nutrition and yoga as their daily healing tools.
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Health coach Katerina Detska aka the selfcare badass smiling while holding a lemon in front of her faceHealth and organic food displayed on a wooden table

The 3 pillars we work with

Therapeutic/Clinical Nutrition:

Based on the Traditional Mediterranean Diet and the Whole-Food Plant Based Diet, paired with different fasting methods.

Physical Activity and Yoga:

An individualised balance between movement, rest and sleep, with a huge emphasis on the connection with nature.


A more conscious way of living, prioritising everything that can be healing and rejuvenating for the body & mind.

Who I can help

People who are experiencing chronic symptoms or have family history and would like to prevent the appearance of disease in the future.
People who have been diagnosed with a chronic lifestyle disease and would love to know how to take better care of their body and help it detoxify and heal from within.
People who are diagnosed with cancer, during treatment or after treatment and are looking for natural ways to help their body recover, heal and prevent
Moving towards
a more natural way of living,
where our body and
mind are able to thrive.

My services

We all “hide” a healer within. This is a space where we get to reconnect, rediscover and unfold.
Let me be by your side throughout the process.
*All services can be used while you are under medical treatment (or not) as a beautiful complementary support for your body, with the collaboration between myself and your doctor or health professional.

What my clients say

Mindful reads

In my blog you can find science-based articles, as well as personal stories and useful tips on how to take care of your body in a natural way, on a daily basis.

Let's get to know each other!

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